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.ink Domain Name Registration

.Ink domain name for anyone connected with design, printing or writing

Ink is a semi-magical substance created by squids when they are scared or angry. Back in Renaissance-period Italy, the world's first printing press had its own squid perched on top. It was repeatedly provoked in order to refill the machine.

Ink is the stuff that dreams are made of, and it is the lifeblood of writers, designers and printers everywhere. Fortunately, these days we have synthetic inks and no longer rely on captive squids to support our ink industry. .INK is the ideal domain for anyone connected with design, print, or writing or anyone with a passion for tattoos.

  • .INK is the tool of writers everywhere. You might write online, but there's nothing quite like ink.
  • .INK is the lifeblood of designers and printers.
  • .INK is the word for tattoos, if you have a passion for body art show it off with this domain.