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.my Domain Name Registration

Malaysia .MY domain name

.MY is Malaysia's official domain name. It is the best choice for all individuals and businesses to tie their online brand to Malaysia.

The compelling power of the .MY domain is the opportunity to be locally connected. It gives your website a stronger relationship with Malaysia's 32.6 million people, speaking directly to your audience and the country they live in.

.MY tells your visitors and customers that your website is current, relevant, and cutting-edge. With .MY, you outsmart competitors and be more readily found and remembered.

Crazy Domains is your trusted registrar for all .MY domain names. Stand out from your competition and register your .MY domain today.

  • .MY is the official domain name of Malaysia.
  • .MY is a great opportunity for businesses trading in or with Malaysia to operate with a local presence.
  • .MY allows you to target the Malaysian market.
  • .MY has four domain names for Malaysia: .my, .com.my, .net.my, and .org.my.
  • .MY can be used to point to your existing address. Get in touch today with our friendly support staff to know how.