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.press Domain Name Registration

.Press domain name for journalists and publishers

The printing press as we know it was a 15th century European creation, although much earlier versions had existed for several hundred years in China and Korea.

Reports say that the first printing press was used by office workers to mass produce pictures of their own rear ends has been largely discredited.

The invention of movable type and the printing press was a great relief to newspaper publishers of the day, who up until its invention had been using traditional methods of either copying everything by hand, or carved into metal or stone. Stone newspapers were very hard to read for commuters.

The "press" has come to mean more than the physical printing machine, but as a collective name for news media - even when the news is online rather than physically printed.

If you're a publisher running a press, or a member of the press, you can stop the press with a new .PRESS domain from Crazy Domains.

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