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How to Add and Edit Products With eShop?

The Catalog area within the Website Builder Online Store Manager is where you can add, remove or change products and categories.

Let's get started with adding and editing products.

Adding or Editing a Product

You can add or edit a product by doing the following:

  1. Log in to your Online Store Manager.
  2. The Online Store Manager screen will appear. Click on Catalog and the product screen will open by default.
  3. Click New Product to add a new product or select a product from the list and click Modify to edit an existing product.
  4. The product editor will display, use the following information as needed to complete each product.

    Add a name to the product.

    SKU (Stock-keeping Unit)

    This is not a mandatory field. If you do not want to use SKUs in your store, leave the text box as it is.


    Weight may be important for shipments of the product, price by weight calculations, etc. If you do not check the shipping checkbox, your online store will regard your product as an intangible item, meaning it does not require shipping (such as downloadable media). To change weight units for your store, see Store System Settings.


    Add information on the product using the Description Editor.

    Add Image

    Add an image of the product. You can add more images by clicking the Gallery tab or by clicking on Manage Galleries below the Product Image.


    You can assign the product to a category or several categories. If no category exists, you can click the Manage categories (global) link and add a category. If you do not assign the product to a category, it will display on its own in the store.


    Set the product’s price.


    Enable or Disable the product in the store.

    Stock Control

    Control quantity in stock and low quantity alerts for the product.

  5. After adding your product click Save to add it to the store.

You can click the Preview Product link, located above the price area, to view the product before adding it to the store.

Removing a Product

In order to remove a product from the store, follow these instructions:

  1. Click Catalog. The product screen will open by default.
  2. Click the X next to the selected product.
  3. Confirm the deletion by clicking Yes in the screen that appears.

You can delete several products at one time by selecting them and clicking on Delete, located above the list.

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