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Crazy Domains DNS Management

Crazy Domains offers a comprehensive range of DNS management options, empowering users to manage their domain's DNS records effortlessly. With multiple platforms available, including Account Manager, cPanel, Exchange Manager, and Plesk, you can easily choose the best method for your needs and take control of your domain's DNS settings. Explore the following options in detail:

Manage DNS Records in Account Manager

With an efficient and user-friendly interface, easily manage your DNS Records in Account Manager. Log in to your Account Manager DNS Editor account and access the domain you want to modify. Navigate the DNS Settings section and easily modify A, CNAME, MX, and other essential DNS settings. This option is for users who prefer streamlined, centralized management experience using the Account Manager.

Manage DNS Records in cPanel

For those hosting their websites on Crazy Domains' cPanel-based hosting plans or the Linux Hosting Manager, cPanel offers a dedicated DNS management interface. Access the cPanel DNS Zone Editor, where you can conveniently add, edit, or delete DNS records. This option is perfect for users who enjoy the flexibility and control provided by cPanel.

Manage DNS Records in Plesk

If you host your websites on Plesk-based servers, Crazy Domains offers seamless integration with Plesk's DNS management capabilities. Access the Plesk Panel or Windows Hosting Manager to manage DNS records and configure advanced settings efficiently. This option is for users who prefer the robustness and versatility of Plesk.

Manage DNS Records in Exchange Manager

Access the Exchange Manager DNS Zone and select the domain you want to modify. With Crazy Domains' Exchange Manager, you can effortlessly configure DNS records like MX, TXT, and SRV to ensure smooth email delivery and enhanced security.

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