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Create a CSR for WHM/cPanel

In order to follow the steps in this guide, you need to have access to the SSL Manager in WHM. If you do not have admin privileges, you cannot install the SSL Certificate and must contact your administrator.


How To Create a CSR in WHM

These instructions will show the steps for creating a CSR for cPanel 11. If you do not have this version, then the process is similar and the steps should still work. If they do not, please contact us.

  1. Sign in to your Web Host Manager (WHM) control panel.
  2. Find SSL/TLS. Select it.

  3. Select the Generate an SSL Certificate and Signing Request option.

  4. In this section, choose the key size. Select 2048 bits from the drop-down menu and enter the required information in the fields. Then hit Create.

    Below is a description of the fields:
    Common name The full domain name of your server.
    Organization The legal name of your organization. Include Inc, LTD or LLC, if applicable.
    Organization unit Whatever department in your organization that is managing the certificate.
    City/locality The city or town where your organization is based.
    State/province The state or region where your organization is based. Do not use abbreviations for this.
    Country/region The country where your organization is based.
    Email Your email address (this is where the CSR will be sent).
    Password Create a password that will be connected to the certificate that you will be able to remember later. Make sure this password is unique and does not resemble your other passwords. When stored in CSR's, passwords are plain text and not encrypted, meaning that they can be extracted easily.

  5. You will see your CSR display in a window.
  6. Paste the whole CSR (including the BEGIN and END tags) into the order form when applying for your SSL Certificate.


Once you have received your SSL Certificate, you can install it.

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