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How To Delete a Catch-All Email Account in Plesk

Normally, if an email is sent to an unknown address on your domain name, the sender will receive a bounce back notifying the sender that the email has failed. If you’ve set up a Catch-All email account, misaddressed emails on your domain will be sent to the specific email address you have set, instead of a bounce back to the sender.

However, aside from receiving misaddressed messages, setting up a Catch-All email account can give you a MASSIVE increase in spam. If this is the case, we recommend that you remove your Catch-All account. If your email address is commonly misspelled, then email forwarding is a preferred option.

Follow the steps below to delete a Catch-All email account through the Plesk panel:

  1. Access your Hosting Manager.
  2. Click Mail from the left-side menu.
  3. Click on the Mail Settings tab at the top.
  4. Click the domain name whose Catch-All email account you wish to remove.
  5. Select Reject. This is also the default setting if no Catch-All email account is created for a domain.
  6. Click OK to save.

NOTE: All emails sent to non-existing emails with your domain name will bounce-back to the sender informing them that there is no such user.

For assistance, or if you have any questions in deleting a Catch-All email account in Plesk, please contact us.

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