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How To Edit DNS Zone in WHM

To edit a DNS Zone follow these instructions:

  1. Open your WHM home screen.
  2. Under DNS Functions, click Edit DNS Zone.
  3. Click the domain whose zone you wish to edit.
  4. Use the following information as needed to edit a DNS Zone:
    NS A name server record. This specifies the hostname that clients will refer to when they look for your domain.
    A An address record. This matches your domain name to an IP address.
    MX A mail exchange record. This matches your domain name to a list of servers which handle mail for your domain, tagging each with a priority (the highest priority is 0).
    CNAME A canonical name record, which matches your domain name to an alias. This is useful if you are running a server besides Apache, such as an FTP server, on a separate port.
  5. Click Edit.

Congratulations, you have edited your DNS Zone in WHM.

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