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How To Select ESXi Configuration To Back Up in Cloud

An ESXi host configuration backup enables you to have a bare metal ESXi host recovery. This recovery is done using bootable media.

If you want to know how to create a bootable media using Cloud Backup, click the link below:

The backup does not include the virtual machines running on the host. They can be backed up and recovered separately.

An ESXi host configuration backup includes the following:

  • Host partitions – which includes the bootloader and boot bank.
  • Host state – which includes the configuration of virtual networking and storage, server network settings, SSL keys, and local user information.
  • Installed or staged extensions and patches on the host.
  • Log files.

In configuring ESXi to back up in Cloud, ensure that you have the following prerequisites:

  • SSH of the ESXi host configuration must be enabled in the Security Profile.
  • Password for the 'root' account on the ESXi host must be available.

Selecting ESXi Configuration To Back Up in Cloud

Here’s how to select an ESXi host configuration backup:

  1. Go to VMware then click Host and clusters.
  2. Browse to the ESXi hosts which you need to back up.
  3. Select the ESXi hosts and click Backup.
  4. Under What to back up, select ESXi configuration.
  5. Under ESXi 'root' password, specify a password for the 'root' account on each selected host or use the same password for all of the hosts.

Congratulations! You have successfully selected the ESXi configuration.

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