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Install cPanel on a CentOS

cPanel is a web-based Hosting control panel allows you to manage your Linux Web Hosting accounts in the most convenient way. cPanel provides you functions like creating databases, managing website files, setting up email accounts, and much more.

cPanel installation prerequisites:

  • Perl package wich can be installed using the following command:

    # yum install perl
  • A valid hostname assigned to the server.

Installing cPanel

You need to install wget package which gives you the wget cmdlet to download the cPanel installation script using the following command:

# yum install wget
  • To install cPanel with WHM, download it using the following command:

    wget -N http://httpupdate.cPanel.net/latest
  • To install the DNS-only version of cPanel use the following command:

    wget -N http://httpupdate.cPanel.net/latest-dnsonly

Now you can run the downloaded script using the following command:

# sh latest

Wait until the installation finishes. Sometimes it may take an hour or two. After successful installation, log in to the cPanel control panel from the web browser using the root as username and root password.

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