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Do I Need a Web Hosting with Web Design

When you want to create a website, there are two major things you need to secure before you can move further: 1) a Domain Name and 2) a Web Hosting service.

Since Web Design is a one-time payment only for its service, you will need a Web Hosting to make all your website files accessible online.

How to Connect a Web Hosting with Web Design

Our Web Design service is tied with two hosting platform options: Sitebeat and WordPress and is part of the checkout process. Read our I Need a Web Designer guide for more details on which platform to choose.

Once you've decided which Web Design platform and plan you prefer, simply click on its corresponding Buy Now button to proceed to the order page and connect a domain.

It’s important to note that during the checkout process, what you’re paying for are separate services:

the main fee for the Design Service + the Hosting fee per month (+ the annual Domain fee if you registered a new one)

In addition, to keep all your services under Crazy Domains active, we highly recommend Auto Renewal. This feature is available for all our Domains, Hosting, and other Products/Services, which helps to avoid losing Domain Ownership (or risk it falling into Redemption) and the suspension of its connected Services.

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