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Scan to Email Printer Setup

Printers are a necessary device for most, if not all, businesses and its technology has also evolved to make life even easier for users. If you own an All-in-One or a Multifunction Printer (MFP), this means that your device can print, fax, scan, and produce copies. It also means that your printer includes a Scan to Email feature with settings that you can customise.

NOTE: This article is for Crazy Domains customers who have their emails hosted with us via Standard Email or Email Exchange.


What is "Scan to Email"?

Scan to Email is a feature that's available in All-in-One or Multifunction Printers (MFP). It allows users to scan documents using their printer and send the files to one or more email addresses.

Screenshot of CD Email Hosting Scan to Email


For this feature to work smoothly and properly, access your printer's user interface and ensure that your SMTP settings are correct. You may refer to the next section for our SMTP settings.


What are my SMTP settings?

First, access your printer's user interface using the instructions provided to you in your printer's manual. Then, refer to the table below for your SMTP settings if your emails are hosted with Crazy Domains via Standard Email or Email Exchange:

Type Standard Email Hosting Email Exchange Hosting
Timeout: 20 seconds 20 seconds
Server: mail.domain.name or server name mail.premium.exchange [for AU users]
email.premium.exchange [for EU / UK users]
Port: 587 587
Security Type: Start TLS Start TLS
Authentication: Use SSL Authentication Use SSL Authentication
Username Complete email address Complete Exchange email address
Password Email password Exchange email password

You can contact our 24/7 customer support if you have questions on the above settings or any of our products and services. Or, continue learning by reading our guide on the difference between Standard Email Hosting and Email Exchange.

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