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What Is Email Hosting?

Email Hosting is the way you can get an email address that is based on your own domain name, not on a free email provider. It lets you create an email account that fits your business – if your domain name is joeblow.com.au, then you could create the email address [email protected].


Do I Need Email Hosting?

Free stuff is great, especially if you’re a business owner on a budget. We get that.

But there are times when free things can end up costing you a lot – whether it costs you trust, the rate at which people open your email or simply looking professional. Free email is one of those times.

If you do any sort of business using email, then you’re throwing money away by not using a professional email account. Did you know that people are nine times more likely to trust a business with a professional email address?

That’s why you need Email Hosting. It comes standard with any Web Hosting plan, but if you want to start off with just an email address, then you can choose the plan that works for you. You can upgrade to full Web Hosting any time you want.

Email Hosting plans come standard with setup on any domain with protection from spam and viruses. We’ll scan your incoming emails and make sure that nothing bad gets in.

You can also manage your account from anywhere using a wide variety of programs, from your mobile phone to Webmail, and online mail services that can be accessed from your browser.

Don't be left wondering what your email address says about your business, take control with a personalised email account - with Email Hosting.


What Plan Is Best for Me?

We offer several Email Hosting plans to cater for all needs, whether you have a personal blog or a multinational business, you can choose the right Email Hosting plan for you.

Check out our plans and if you're unsure, start with the first plan as we can instantly upgrade your Email Hosting at any time.

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