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What Do Registry, Registrar, and Registrant Mean

There are three industry-standard terms that play a significant role in the Domain Name registration process: The Registry, Registrar, and Registrant. Know their difference and how they work in the following information:

Registry A Registry is an organisation that manages a database for Top-Level Domain Names (TLDs). They create and regulate Domain Extensions, set the rules for Domains, and work with Registrars to sell these Domain Names to the public.
Registrar A Registrar is an organisation, like Crazy Domains, which has the authority to issue licenses and provide registration services for TLDs. They serve as the middle-man between the Registry and the Registrant where they function as the distributor of the Domain services so that clients can build their own websites.
Registrant A Registrant is the individual or company who purchases a Domain Name. Upon purchase and registration, the Registrant automatically becomes the legal owner of the Domain Name.
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