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My Domain Did Not Transfer

Once you’ve applied for a Domain Transfer, an email asking to confirm the transfer request will be sent to the Domain Registrant Email. The Domain Transfer will NOT initiate unless the Registrant confirms the transfer request. This is an added security for domain owners.

If you have not received a confirmation email within 24 hours after submitting a Domain Transfer request, you will need to take these necessary steps:

  • Check if your email address is the Registrant Email connected to the domain name being transferred. If the Registrant Email is no longer working, you may update the email connected to your domain, then initiate the transfer request again.

    If the domain is currently registered with us and you are trying to transfer to another registrar (Transfer Out), you may update the Registrant Email using the instructions linked below:

    If you are trying to transfer a domain to us (Transfer In), kindly contact your current domain provider for instructions.

  • If the Registrant Email is correct, check if the confirmation email was sent directly to your Junk or Spam folder.
  • If you want to Transfer Out, make sure that your domain name is unlocked. To unlock your domain name through the Account Manager, refer to the guide below:

    Once unlocked, resubmit the Domain Transfer request.

    If you want to Transfer In, contact your current domain provider to have your domain unlocked from their end.

Track Your Domain Transfer Status

Once you have resubmitted a Domain Transfer request and confirmed the transfer, you can track the Status of your Domain Transfer within your Account Manager using the steps below:

  1. Click Sign Up / Log In at the top of this page.
  2. Select Account Manager from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter your username and password, then click Log In.
  4. Click on the Visit My Account button.
  5. Click Domains on the menu bar at the top of the page.
  6. Click on Transfer from the left side menu.

On the page, you will see your domain name, the registrar it was transferred from, the date it was transferred, and its current Status.

Once the transfer is confirmed, the Status will be as follows:

  • Transfer In — if you are transferring your domain to us
  • Transfer Out — if you are transferring your domain to another Registrar

Is the Domain Transfer Successful

For gTLDs and .IN domains, Domain Transfers may take up to 7-10 days to complete. For .AU domains, the process is as fast as 2 days.

If a Domain Transfer is successful, you will receive an email notification from your current domain provider confirming that the transfer is Complete.

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