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Can I Get a Copy of My Website with Web Design

Access to your website primarily depends on which platform you have: Sitebeat or WordPress

Generally, these two Web Design platforms can deliver and perform their key features well. However, they have different conditions when it comes to the legal rights of ownership.

Can I Get a Copy of My Website

For Sitebeat:
No. This is because you are using our Website Builder platform — all the codes are embedded in our own system and will only work if run in our servers. Crazy Domains owns the Website Builder platform and has legal claims over its codes and scripts. This means that you cannot connect to the hosting via FTP nor download a copy of the website’s raw files. You can, however, manually copy the text and media content of your website if you want to move to a different host.

For WordPress:
Yes. In this case, you completely own the website. All the codes and scripts done by our web developers will be yours. You can download a backup copy of your website, use FTP, or transfer your website. Basically, you have the freedom of managing and controlling your website.

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