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How to manage my sales and orders

The Sales section located in the Website Builder under Store Manager will allow you to manage all your orders.

Various actions can be taken for orders. Customers will see the change in order status when they log in to view their orders. Data is available on unfinished sales/orders that were initiated by customers but not finished properly. You can use the information from the unfinished sale to contact the customer and offer help in completing the sale.

Viewing Orders

To view orders follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Online Store Manager.
  2. Click Sales. The orders table will display a list of orders.

The following actions can be performed on each order:

View Order

Clicking on the order link or on the See detail button will show the full order details.

Payment Status

Update the order's payment status (Accepted, Declined, Cancelled, Queued, Chargeable). Orders that were paid using an online gateway will automatically be updated after payment is received.

Fulfillment Status

Update the order's fulfillment status (New, Processing, Shipped, Delivered, Will Not Deliver).


The store owner can add a tracking number to the order.

Print Invoice

Opens a new print window with the order invoice.

Order updates can be viewed by the customer when they log into the store. They can view their order status, payment status, fulfillment status and tracking number.

For advanced features and more information about different functions and setups you can reference the online help section within Website Builder.

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