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Managing your Email Protection quarantine Inbox

Premium Email Protection only sends quarantine summary reports when one or more of your emails have been quarantined, this email will also contain the username and a direct link to access the Quarantine Inbox.

  1. Check your email for the Quarantined Notification.
  2. Open your email and click the link to access your Quarantine Inbox.

After logging into the quarantine interface, click the QUARANTINE INBOX tab to view a list of your quarantined messages.

Review a Message

To open a message, click on the Time Received, From, or Subject. The message will open in a Quarantine Message Detail window. Click View Source to see the Internet Headers of the message. Click the Help button to learn more about the choices on this screen. Click the Close box (X) to close the message.

Selecting Multiple Messages

To select multiple messages, place a check in the box to the left of the individual message. To quickly select all the messages in quarantine, place a check in the topmost box (to the left of Time Received).

Note: If you want to whitelist a message, make sure to do it before delivering the message to your Inbox. Once the message is delivered, it is removed from the quarantine list.

Deliver (Send to Inbox)

To deliver an individual message to your Inbox, under Actions, click the Deliver link.

To deliver multiple messages to your Inbox, select (check) multiple message, then click the Deliver button.

Whitelist (Send to Inbox and Sender Added to Whitelist)

To whitelist an individual message and send it to your Inbox, under Actions, click the Whitelist link.

To whitelist multiple messages and send them to your Inbox, select (check) multiple message then click the Whitelist button.

Note: When a message is added to your whitelist, all future emails from this sender are not quarantined unless the message contains a virus or banned file type. The sending email address will be added to your personal whitelist exactly as it appears in the message. Some commercial mailings may come from one of several servers such as A subsequent message may come from See the section on managing your whitelists and blacklists for tips on specifying whitelists with greater effectiveness.

Delete (Remove from Quarantine)

To delete an individual message, under Actions, click the Delete link.

To delete multiple messages, select (check) multiple message, then click the Delete button.

Note: You cannot recover messages you have deleted. The main reason to delete messages is to help you keep track of which quarantine messages you have reviewed.

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