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Priority Allocation for Existing .AU Registrants

What is Priority Allocation?

Priority allocation is the reservation of the .au direct names that are the exact matches of the pre-registered Australian domain names. This prioritises existing domain name owners (registrants) to apply for the registration of a .au direct name that is an exact match of their existing Australian domain name.

Those .au direct names are reserved within the priority allocation period. This period starts on the .au direct launch date on March 24, 2022, and ends on September 20, 2022.

Beginning March 2022 until the priority allocation period ends, eligible registrants can apply for the equivalent .au direct of their domain name through Crazy Domains. For example, the existing owner of yourdomain.com.au can apply for yourdomain.au.

What happens to multiple Priority Status applications for the same .au direct name?

There are cases when domain names like yourdomain.com.au and yourdomain.org.au have different owners. Both are eligible to apply but only one of them can get yourdomain.au. In this case, if both parties apply, the priority is based on the creation date of the pre-existing domain where the .au direct is based.

According to auDA’s Priority Allocation Process:

  • Names created on or before February 4, 2018, belong to Priority Category 1.
  • Names created after February 4, 2018, belong to Priority Category 2.

Check which Priority Category you belong to on this Priority Status Tool.

The allocation is based on the principles below:

  • Applicants under Priority Category 1 are more prioritised than applicants under Priority Category 2.
  • If there are multiple applicants under Priority Category 1, applicants need to negotiate/agree with each other as to who gets the .au direct name.
  • If the applicants are all under Priority Category 2, the applicant with the earliest creation date gets the name.

    auDA au Direct priority allocation chart information

    Photo by auDA.org www.auda.org.au

How are conflicts settled?

Priority Category 1 applicants can contact and negotiate between themselves using the public registrant contact information found on WHOIS. They should agree as to who gets the name and the rest should agree to withdraw the application. The .au direct name in question stays in Priority Hold status until there is only one application remaining. The remaining applicant gets a licence term for a year. If no one withdraws, applicants need to renew their application every year.

Applicants can also consult auDA’s complaints process under the .au Licensing Rules and the .au Dispute Resolution Process (auDRP).

What if no one applies for the equivalent .au direct name?

If there are no applicants after the six-month Priority Application period, the domain name will be available to the public on a first come, first serve basis.

Am I required to register the .au direct name if I have a pre-existing Australia domain name?

You are not required to get the equivalent .au direct of your domain name. Your pre-existing domain name will still work the same way as long as the registration is up to date except for id.au domain name. Check the new id.au eligibility requirements.

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