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Accounts and Billing Support

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Crazy Domains Account 8 liked

Master your Crazy Domains Account Management for ultimate control and optimisation. Get started today!

Change Account Manager Password 57 liked

This guide will explain how you can update your account password, and how you can recover your account access.

Manage Products, Renewals, and Cancellations 113 liked

Keep track of your Crazy Domains purchases. Don't miss any renewals, and learn how you can manage or cancel a product.

Getting Started With Crazy Domains 8 liked

Get started and learn the essential things about your Crazy Domains account. Read on to know more.

How to Transfer Domain Name Ownership 6570 liked

To transfer the ownership of a domain name, you need to download our Domain Transfer of Ownership Form via your account manager.

How To Disable Auto Renewal 2316 liked

You can manage automatic renewals for all your domains and products via the Payment Settings link within your Account Manager.

Delete My Account 2374 liked

This guide explains how you can delete your Crazy Domains account and other alternatives to account deletion.

Auto Renewal 2318 liked

Why do we set Crazy Domains products and services for Auto Renewal by default? Read on to learn the benefits.

Advanced Support 1408 liked

Crazy Domains offers services that need advanced technical solutions. Click here to know more.

Can I Get a Refund on My Hosting 998 liked

If you're unsatisfied with our Hosting, you can get a full refund of the remaining period during the first 60 days from purchase.

Sell Your Domain Name 890 liked

Listing your domain name for sale with Crazy Domains has never been easier. Learn more and start selling your domain name.

Will You Send Me a Tax Invoice for My Purchases 1051 liked

Yes, this will be emailed at the time of purchase to the email on file.

How To Check My Invoices 904 liked

You can check your billing history, invoices, and transactions within your Account Manager under Billing History.

Locate and Update Your Call-in PIN 594 liked

If you want to locate or update your Crazy Domains account call-in PIN, check this guide to learn about it.

Delete a Product or Domain Name 456 liked

Find out more about deleting a product or domain name with Crazy Domains and the alternatives that we can offer.

Change Account Email Address 400 liked

Know where you can change the email address of your account, and learn how you can update it if you've lost your account access.

I Have Been Billed or Charged Incorrectly 337 liked

If you believe you were incorrectly billed, please send us an email and we’ll explain or correct the situation for you ASAP.

How To Update Your Credit Card Information 228 liked

You can update your credit card information easily within your Account Manager.

Two-Step Verification 155 liked

Keep your account secure. Enable two-step verification to authenticate any login request on your Crazy Domains account.

How To Use Account Credit 73 liked

Use your Account Credit for payments to experience a more time-efficient and hassle-free way register or renew Domains & Products.

Disabled and Suspended Accounts 274 liked

Reactivate disabled or suspended accounts to have full access of your account. Refer to this article for guidance.

How To Update Your Profile Information 57 liked

Update your contact information via the Profile section of your Account Manager using the steps in this article.

Why Is My Account/Hosting Suspended 71 liked

A Suspended Account is different from a Suspended Hosting & do not affect each other. Learn why & what to do in both cases.

How To Verify ID Using Nametag 15 liked

Enhance security with Nametag. Verify your identity swiftly and securely and safeguard your personal info now. Learn more here.

How To Change the Technical Contact Information 57 liked

Know how to change the Technical Contact Information in your account in this article.

How Long Does a Change of Ownership Take 140 liked

This process will take 5 working days, provided we've received a completed COO form and any required fees have been cleared.

How To Sign Up With Crazy Domains 8 liked

Create an account with Crazy Domains and get access to manage your Account, Domain Names, Hosting plans, and other services.

What Credit Cards Are Accepted 62 liked

We currently accept VISA, Mastercard and Amex. Other available payment options are also available which you can check here.

Ways To View Your Products and Services 8 liked

Choose to view your products and domains in Card View or List View. Check this guide to learn how.

Are There Any Hidden Fees 62 liked

There are NO hidden fees. All possible fees are displayed within the Domain Names, Web Hosting, and Product pages.

Assisted Account Access Recovery (AAAR) 29 liked

You can use the AAAR process to recover your Crazy Domains account access.

My Profile 22 liked

Update your account profile and manage your security settings in the My Profile page of your Account Manager. Learn more here.

Renew a Product or Domain Name 8 liked

Learn how you can renew your products and domains manually or automatically. Discover why Auto-Renewal is beneficial for you.

Where Is Live Chat Support 1142 liked

Live Chat is available on the Crazy Domains website and appears only when agents are online and available.

Find Your Hosting IP Address With Crazy Domains 15 liked

Learn how you can find the IP address of your hosting with Crazy Domains.

How To Find Your Hosting Server Name 22 liked

Easily find your hosting server name through this guide.

Crazy Domains Affiliate Program 57 liked

Get paid by becoming an affiliate. Share a link to your friends and earn up to 10% commission on every product sale. Sign up now!

Why Did Auto Renewal Fail 8 liked

Most likely your Auto Renewal failed because your credit card information is no longer valid, or is about to expire.

Web Hosting 60-Day Money Back Guarantee 206 liked

We’re 100% committed to giving you the absolute best in Web Hosting, so we crafted our unique 60-day money back guarantee.

Getting Help from Crazy Domains 57 liked

Crazy Domains offers various kinds of support channels to provide efficiency to our customers. Learn more here.

How To Change the Administration Contact Information 68 liked

Know how to change the Administration Contact Information in your account in this article.

How To Renew Domain Names 15 liked

You can manually renew your Domain Name via your Account Manager, using these quick and easy steps.

Check My Product Renewal Date 8 liked

You can check which of your products and services that are due for renewal anytime within your Account Manager.

Check My Domain Name Renewal Date 8 liked

Know your renewal date to avoid interruptions. This page will help you find the date on when you need to renew your domain name.

How To Access My Products and Services 15 liked

On the Account Manager dashboard, you can now manage your products and services. Learn more here.

The CD Account Dashboard 28 liked

With the new Crazy Domains Account Dashboard, you can now view the integrated domains and products in one place. Learn more here.

How To Combine Account Credit With Another Payment Method During Checkout 15 liked

With the new Combine With Credits feature, you can now combine your existing account credit with another payment method.

How To View My Customer or Member ID 14 liked

When you contact Crazy Domains support, you need to provide your applicable customer ID. Know more here.

How To Change the Billing Contact Information 8 liked

Know how to change the Billing Contact Information in your account in this article.d here's how.

How to Delegate My Products and Domains to Another Account 8 liked

When you delegate products and domains to another account, you don't have to share your account's password. Learn more here.

How to Renew Website Builder 8 liked

You can manually renew your website builder via your Account Manager, using these quick and easy steps.

Change Account Username 22 liked

How to update your Crazy Domains account username.

What Is the Hosting Service Uptime Guarantee 273 liked

If your web hosting service falls below 99% without advanced notice from us, we'll credit you with an added 1 month service, free.

Why Can't I Renew My .AU Domain Name 50 liked

There are restrictions on when the .AU domain name become available for renewal.

Will You Notify Me When My Domains or Services Are Due for Renewal 50 liked

Yes, we will send you reminder notices to the email on file when any of your domain names or services are due for renewal.

Email Verification 22 liked

Verify email for account security at Crazy Domains. Confirm during signup for Account Manager access and updates. Learn more here.

How to Request a Copy of Customer's Private Data 74 liked

You can request for a copy of all the private data you've provided Crazy Domains. Learn more about this here.

Account Security Settings 14 liked

Discover how you can manage your log-in information, call-in PIN, and others to increase the security of your account.

Connect Crazy Domains Account to Your Google or Facebook Login 8 liked

This guide will help you connect your Crazy Domains Account to your Google or Facebook Login for seamless & secure account access.

Why Can't I Renew My .UK Domain Name 50 liked

There are restrictions on when the .UK domain name become available for renewal.

How To Access DNS in Account Manager 8 liked

Learn how you can access your free Standard DNS or Premium DNS editor.

How To Add Account Credit 92 liked

Add credits to your account one time, and use it as an internal currency to purchase, renew and upgrade products.

How To Change the Account Manager Password 29 liked

Make sure that you have a strong Account Manager password. If not, change it immediately by following the given instructions.

How to Update Your Notification Preferences 128 liked

You can change your notification preferences within the Profile section of your Account Manager. Follow this guide to know how.

How Can I Access My Account Manager 302 liked

Have maximum control over your account, Domains, Hosting, and other products or services by accessing your Account Manager.

Domain and Product Contacts: Permission Levels 8 liked

If you want to know the permission level of a domain or product contact you have delegated, this guide will help you.

What Happens to My Domains If I Don't Renew My Hosting 206 liked

If your Domains are active and registered with us, even without the Hosting, you'll still be able to manage and renew them.

How to Discontinue My Domain Name 93 liked

If you don't want to renew your Domain Name anymore, refer to this article.

What Happens If I Don't Renew My Domain 68 liked

If you do not renew your domain name by the expiration date, the domain name will go into the 'renewal grace period'.

Will I Be Refunded If My Domain Gets Rejected 8 liked

If a Domain Name gets rejected after you've applied for it & payment has been processed, a refund will automatically be processed.