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Getting started guide: Premium Email Protection 1241 liked

Premium Email Protection filters spam and viruses from your email account. This guide will show you how to get set up.

How to manage your spam Whitelist and Blacklist 393 liked

The whitelist contains email addresses and domains that are allowed whilst the blacklist is for emails or domains that should be blocked. These can be managed via the Quarantine Inbox.

Managing your Email Protection quarantine Inbox 908 liked

The Premium Email Protection only sends summary reports when one or more of your emails have been quarantined. This email will contain a username and a direct link to access the Quarantine Inbox.

Premium Email spam quarantine settings 1039 liked

You can manage your email quarantine settings via the Quarantine Inbox. You will receive the login link and username when mail is quarantined.

Trial has Expired for Premium Email Protection 1309 liked

If your free Premium Email Protection trial has expired you can quickly upgrade to the full package to keep your email protected.