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Manage DNS Records in Account Manager 1338 liked

Learn how you can manage the DNS records of your domain name using the DNS editor in your Account Manager.

How To Set Up Email Forwarding With Premium DNS 135 liked

You can forward individual emails or all your domain's emails to another through our Email Forwarding service. Learn more here.

How To Set Up Web Forwarding With Premium DNS 116 liked

Premium DNS offers you the Web Forwarding feature that allows you to forward all traffic and visitors from one site to another.

Getting started guide: Managing Premium DNS 726 liked

Premium DNS offers more features compared to Standard DNS providing you full control and a fast, reliable, & secure cloud service.

DNS Resolution Time 8 liked

Our standard DNS resolution time. Read on to know more about when your DNS changes will take effect.

How to Access the Exchange Manager DNS Zone 8 liked

Click here if your to know how to access the Exchange Manager DNS Zone.

How Long Does It Take for DNS Records to Resolve 140 liked

Domain Name System (DNS) records are applied immediately but may take up to 24-48 hours to fully resolve across the internet.

What Is a Domain Name System (DNS) 50 liked

Domain Name System or DNS translates a Domain Name into its corresponding IP Address so your browser knows where to direct you.

How To Upgrade to Premium DNS 134 liked

Premium DNS gives you the fastest most reliable DNS network for your domain name. Do this upgrade via your Account Manager.

DNS Records Are Not Updating 8 liked

Domain Name System DNS records are applied immediately but may take up to 24 hours to fully propagate across the Internet.

Email Forwarding Does Not Forward 50 liked

If you have setup Email Forwarding, you will need to allow 48 hours for the DNS changes to take effect. Learn more about it here.