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Getting started guide: Search Ads 98 liked

Local Search Ads has become the most popular form of advertising because of the quality of lead as well as its cost effectiveness.

What are Search Ads? 35 liked

Local Search Ads help you to target new audiences on Google and Google's advertising network and reach new customers.

The difference between Service Fee and Monthly Budget 11 liked

The fee covers the provision of the service from a perspective of direct CSR consultation management and provider management.

Where are the eShop settings 23 liked

You can manage your eShop settings in the Store Manager. Click System Settings and manage your Store Profiles, Zones, Shipping, Payment methods and more...

How do I view Ad reports 43 liked

Ad results and reports can be tracked through your Account Manager.

How to create an Ad 155 liked

After you have purchased your Ad plan, you can create your own Ad and choose your target audience for your campaign anytime.

How to add multiple Google Ads 204 liked

To have multiple Google Ads you will need to contact us, or purchase additional Ad plans for different domain names.

Can anyone abuse and click my Ads? 246 liked

Google proprietary technology automatically monitors all clicks on Google Ads to ensure there is no abuse of the Google program.

How to verify a website with Google 383 liked

There are different ways on how to verify a website with Google and these are the following.

Where will customers see my Ad? 301 liked

Your Ad will display in local searches within your state, country or region. This target area is chosen during the Ad setup.

Do I need an office or store to use Search Ads? 321 liked

No. You will only need a mailing address.

Where will my Ad show? 308 liked

Your Ad will show next to Google search results on the web, mobile phones, Google Maps and relevant partner websites.

Who creates my Search Ad? 322 liked

After you have purchased your Ad plan, you can create your own Ad and choose your target audience using the Search Ads console.

Do I need a website to start an online Ad? 385 liked

Yes, all local Google Ads must be connected to a website.

How to update the Google Ad budget 501 liked

You can update your Google Ad budget on a monthly basis through your Account Manager. This guide will show you how.

How to update an Ad 633 liked

You can update your Ad anytime through your Account Manager and consulting your allocated Ad Specialist for best results.

How often can I change my Ad? 581 liked

You can change your Ad anytime within your Account Manager.