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How does Traffic Booster work? 7 liked

Traffic Booster uses a complex array of scripts and algorithms to quickly and easily submit your website, its content and vital keywords to over 400 search engines in just a few minutes.

What is Traffic Booster? 174 liked

Traffic Booster is a powerful online marketing tool. It quickly and easily allows you to submit your website to over 400 search engines around the world and will help you optimise your website.

When will my website be visible in search results? 462 liked

After you have used Traffic Booster to submit your website it will start being indexed globally with search engines. This can take up to 8 weeks depending on the search engine and their crawlers.

How to use Traffic Booster 421 liked

You can log in to Traffic Booster through the Account Manager to optimise your website and submit it to all search engines and directories.

How to renew Traffic Booster 456 liked

If you have received a renewal notice, or just want to extend or renew your Traffic Booster plan, you can do this instantly within your Account Manager.