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How to Start and Reboot the Hyper-V server 16 liked

You can shut down, reboot and start your Windows Server via the Microsoft System Center web panel. This article will guide you through the necessary steps.

What is a Windows VPS? 58 liked

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are the most advanced type of server virtualisation technology. It allows for quick and easy activation along with complete customisation and configuration.

What virtualization technology is used? 92 liked

All Windows Virtual Machines are created using the latest Hyper-V virtualisation technology.

Using Remote Desktop (RDP) with your Windows Server 54 liked

Remote Desktop (RDP) provides a graphical interface to connect to your Windows Server and enables you to manage the server as though it was your own computer.

My Hyper-V server shows less RAM than I ordered 120 liked

Upon update of your Hyper-V your VM available RAM indicator will show only the highest value of RAM used since your last boot.

How can I purchase a Windows Server? 234 liked

You can order your very own Windows server with a customized configuration by following the steps in this guide.

How many IP addresses does the Windows Server have? 223 liked

All servers are automatically configured with 1 dedicated IP address, unless specified more within the plan.

Do you offer Managed Services for my Windows Server? 218 liked

Crazy Domains offers an optional Managed Support plan, which gives you professional, managed support for the setup and management of your virtual private server.

Which Windows version will be installed on my server? 259 liked

All Crazy Domains Windows servers are installed with Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 Datacenter Edition.

Does my Windows Server have backup? 253 liked

Due to the nature and potential complexities of a Windows server it is not possible for us to maintain reliable backups. As such, we highly recommend that you maintain frequent backups of your server.

Windows Servers vs Web Hosting 313 liked

A Windows Server provides you with more flexibility, resources and speed. A shared web hosting service shares all resources and speed across the users on the shared hosting platform.

How do I upgrade my Windows Server? 295 liked

Almost any upgrade to your Windows server can be made instantly through your Account Manager.

What can I install on my Windows Server? 329 liked

You can install ANYTHING on your server so as long you don't violate the Terms of Service.

Can I upgrade to Parallels Plesk for my Windows Server? 344 liked

Yes, you can upgrade to Parallels Plesk within your Account Manager.

How do I access my Windows Server? 385 liked

Access to your Windows Server will vary depending on the OS and software used. This guide will get you started.

Can I have Administrator Access to my Windows Server? 386 liked

Yes, all Windows Servers come standard with administrator access.

How many sites can I host with my Windows Server? 413 liked

There is NO limit to how many services, domains, or applications you can run from a VPS server. You will need to keep in mind the specifications of your server, but these can be upgraded at any time.

How to setup the Windows Server 652 liked

The server will already be set up with the OS you choose including the hosting interface according to your selected plan and specifications.

Can I add more Memory, Disk Storage and Cores to my Windows Server? 699 liked

Yes, you can either add the upgrades when ordering your server, or you can use your Account Manager to apply additional upgrades any time.

What is the Data Transfer limit and Speed of my Windows Server? 742 liked

All servers include UNLIMITED data transfer so no more worrying about those hidden costs.

How to change administrator’s password in Windows Server 2012 R2 496 liked

If you need to change your server administrator password in Windows Server 2012 R2 you can follow the steps in this article.