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When should I Setup my Email when Transferring?

This depends what platform your current hosting provider is using. In many cases they will be using cPanel, and we can migrate all the emails and settings across very easily. If unsure, you can contact our site transfer team who can assist.

My old hosting is cPanel

If your previous hosting company uses cPanel and you are transferring to a Crazy Domains hosting account with cPanel, then we can migrate your current email settings and transfer your emails. This option is available for selection during the transfer process.

You will not need to do anything, everything will be setup for you.

My old hosting is NOT cPanel

If your previous hosting company do NOT use cPanel, we recommend you archive your old emails and create new email accounts ASAP with the same names in your Crazy Domains cPanel hosting manager.

Note: We recommend you create all email accounst before changing name servers or DNS. Failure to do so may result in lost, "bounced", or unreceived emails.

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