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The Kitchen Factory

How Crazy Domains helped our business
Rob T., Business Owner The Kitchen Factory
Rob T.

Business Owner

Kitchen Factory

Whether you're building or renovating, The Kitchen Factory Malaga are here to provide you with a stylish custom-designed new kitchen – from concept to completion.


Our custom design kitchen business needed a stunning website to complement the elegance and style of our unique and award-winning kitchens.

As well as a fast and highly reliable website that stands out in a crowd, Crazy Domains worked with us to drive more customers to our business. Using a combination of their SEO tool "Search Booster" and integrating Google search advertising, Crazy Domains helps us to get found.

Combining a trustworthy and recognisable .au web address for our site, with high quality, fast web hosting capable of supporting galleries of high resolution images, Crazy Domains has made the whole process of getting online incredibly easy.

Combining a trustworthy .AU web address for our site, with high quality web hosting, Crazy Domains made whole process of getting online incredibly easy.

We are enjoying the benefits of a quality presence online, getting high search engine rankings and receiving more leads than ever.

The Kitchen Factory