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The Ultimate Empire Hero

The Ultimate Empire

This premium business package provides all you need for a thriving online business. It equips you with essential tools to effectively promote and elevate your business, gaining maximum exposure.

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What's included
Get a Name

Register your own domain name, also known as a web address. Most businesses register their business name or short abbreviations of it. We've bundled together our premium domain tools so you get the very best out of your domain.

Domain Name

Register your own Australian or global domain name.


Domain Privacy

Protect your domain and identity from hijacking and theft.


Premium DNS

Your domain connected to the fastest, cloud DNS network.


Domain Listing

Get your Domain name listed and published globally.

Get Hosting

Your domain name will be connected with hosting which means that your website is online to the internet. The web folder will store all your website files and also allow you to create private email addresses for your domain name.

Web Hosting

Blazing fast Economy hosting plan with huge 150GB of web space.


Email Hosting

Create up to 100 personal emails [email protected]


Email Protection

Automatic spam, Virus and Malware protection.

Get a Site

Connect your domain name with our website builder platform and build your own website in 3 easy steps with the online drag 'n' drop site editor.

Website Builder

Create your own 25 page website within minutes, over 100 site templates.


eShop Builder

Add UNLIMITED products with shopping cart functionality and sell online.


Site Protection

Defend your website automatically against hackers.

Get Found

Promote your domain name, website and business to millions using the Traffic Booster automatic submission to Google, Yahoo, Bing and 400+ other search engines and online directories.

Traffic Booster

Get your website indexed and found in Google, Yahoo and more...


Email Marketing

Create and send bulk email campaigns up to 500 customers.


Web Analytics

Track all your visitors, who they are, how they found you.


Business Directory

Get found where your customers search.

₹92,997 if inclusions are bought individually
Time is money
Save both with a crazy easy package

We know you’re too busy to waste valuable time choosing which pieces are required to get online. Our packages are bundled together with everything you’ll ever need. It’s crazy easy, so let's get started!