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Reseller Api Wave

Reseller API

The Crazy Domains domain API allows you to build web, mobile and desktop applications that integrate with your Reseller Account.

Domain API built for developers

Our industry standard SOAP based API is suitable for Design Firms, ISPs or Registrars.

Crazy Domains Reseller API

The Crazy Domains domain API allows you to build web, mobile and desktop applications that integrate with your Reseller Account. It allows you to programmatically perform operations to search for domains, register domains, renew and transfer also includes a hosting API and more much...

  • Over 400+ Domains and 50+ Products
  • Unlimited Commands & Requests
  • Simple API Documentation
  • Integrate with Billing Applications
All the features you need

With easy to understand commands and documents, our reseller domain API is as easy as pie.

  • Reseller API
  • Simple API code
  • Live testing environment
  • Fast and robust
  • Reseller Console
  • Fully licensed & accredited
  • 24/7 Premium support
  • Choose what to sell
  • Set your own prices
  • Email notifications
  • WHMCS integration
  • Instant Activation
Your Brand
Your Price

This is your brand, your business. In terms of pricing, you are the boss as Crazy Domains always remain "hidden" to your clients. These are your customers and we are your supplier.

It's a dream come true. Match this with our leading domain reseller platform, fast domain API, hosting API and instant domain approvals, and our competitors really have little to offer!

Domain wholesale prices

Enjoy unbelievable wholesale pricing across all domains, hosting and products.

.IN ₹1004 ₹527
.COM ₹1205 ₹920
.CO.UK ₹1088 ₹466
All TLD Domains
Up to 50% OFF
Up to 40% OFF
Online Products
Up to 40% OFF
Reseller registration includes
Control Panel
Reseller Support
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This is a standard once-off setup and administration fee.
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if you have any enquiries about our Reseller program.
Your Questions, Our Answers
How does the reseller API work?

When your customer makes a purchase, you use the Web service to submit the transaction to us. Our server authenticates your credentials, processes the transaction, and returns an XML response to you. Then, you provide confirmation, such as a receipt, to your customer. Note that you must have enough funds available in your pre-paid account with us to cover your customers’ transactions.

What's your commission payment process?

You can request payment anytime, commission payments are made the end of each calendar month. You will be required however to hold a retainer of ₹500 in your account to avoid a negative balance if a customer refund is needed.

How does your domain reseller API compare to others?

Our API beats the competition because its simple documentation makes it easy. The API is powerful enough for enterprise use while being easy enough for small businesses to use. Our API is SSL encrypted, and employs the latest technologies to make sure it is reliable and secure.