Nowadays, social media presence is almost a prerequisite when you start a business. This makes a lot of sense considering most consumers spend a fair amount of time posting and tweeting. However, in order to have a thriving Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn presence, you must first establish a solid and loyal following.

Just how do you increase and retain followers? Creating several social media accounts is one way. But with several of them to maintain, managing them all can get overwhelming. In order to fully optimize your social media accounts, you must:


Keep track of the online activities of your followers

Take note of the time they are usually active and which platforms they frequently use. From there, you can determine which accounts you need to monitor and manage more than usual. You should also assess their posts, likes, and shares so you can determine their habits, personalities, age group, and all other defining characteristics. You can then come up with posts that would catch their attention.


Post relevant content

Just as you should get to know your consumers, they should also get to know your company in return. One of the most sure-fire ways of doing so is to share relevant information. This should not be limited to just news and updates. You can also share about recent studies, prominent personalities, how-to’s, trivia, and all other related information pertaining your field – as long as they don’t compromise your company’s reputation.


Jazz up your social media profiles

Make your social media accounts user-friendly and presentable. Upload an eye-catching profile and background photo for all of them. This is where graphics comes in. For example, you could come up with an attractive logo for your budding business and use it as a profile picture. For your background photo, you could use an aesthetically pleasing picture of your establishment or products. Last, but not the least, do not forget to include a memorable description of your company and services.


Interact with your followers

The goal is to connect and establish a relationship with your target audience. One suggestion is to acknowledge followers that mentioned your business in their post, tweets, or shares. Personally thank those that commended your company and apologize to those with negative feedback. Aside from directly responding to whatever they share about your business, try to engage them in conversation. For instance, schedule regular live discussions and FAQ sessions with your followers. You can make these events more exciting by handing out prizes and rewards.


Connect with key players in your industry

These people or groups do not necessarily have to be direct competitors. Some examples are bloggers, award-giving associations, and licensing bodies of your industry. When your followers notice that you are affiliated with these people or groups, by default they would associate your company or brand as an authority figure, too. This is also the first step in making your company visible in these movers-and-shakers’ radar. So go ahead and start following them.


Make your website’s content shareable through social media

Sharing is the keyword here. Whenever you post an article or send a newsletter, make sure that social media buttons feature prominently. Nowadays, online traffic is not only generated through search engines but also through direct page visits. More often than not, this is achieved through social media posts.

And there you have it. These are just several ways you could increase your followers and boost your social media presence. However, if you do not have the time, you could always hire a social media manager. What is important is to cultivate your social media presence so that you can reach people who matter and extend your brand’s reach.