Education is increasingly moving online. With universities, colleges, and schools embracing learning resources, as well as understanding the importance of a compelling website, it’s rarely been so easy to find courses.

Online Courses

Finding courses is easier still with the rise in recent years of the MOOC – what sounds like an alien race from Star Wars stands for Massive Open Online Courses, and they’re taking the world by storm. These courses are free to all, and open to an almost unlimited number of students.

In the article Don’t dismiss MOOCs – we are just starting to understand their true value Professor Neil Morris says:

While a proportion of academics are dismissive of MOOCs, there is evidence that others are taking some of the underpinnings of digital learning into their own academic practice. They are increasingly recognising the potential for digital approaches to support learning, increase flexibility and access to a range of multimedia and interactive materials and encourage active student engagement.

In many learning situations, “blended” learning – a mix between face-to-face and digital – may be best. In a recent survey of academic staff at Leeds, 70% said they would recommend a MOOC to their students to supplement their on-campus learning.


Regardless of if you run MOOCs or training courses, if you are an educational institution, or a supplier of educational materials, there’s a new web address with your name on it: .courses is the quick, easy and memorable way to market your services online.

As a name for everyone, .courses has appeal for areas including academic, language, trades, leisure, recreational, vocational, brands, institutions – showing an interest in the value of a .courses domain.

One of the flagship early adopters of the name is Registered by Redhill Education, is being actively used to promote a campaign for recruitment in digital arts – with the Academy of Information Technology (AIT) using it as their main call to action in both radio advertising and promotional materials.

As AIT have shown, the opportunity to own a space in the education sector with .courses is invaluable, and many key words are still available. If there’s a course for it, you can get a .courses web address for it.