Finding the right domain name for your website, especially one that will make you stand out from the crowd, can be as difficult as it is exciting. That’s because meaningful names on cool domain extensions are hard to come by.  

If you are struggling to find the right domain name for your new website, then we have some very good news! 

The <ahref=”/domain-names/domain-extension/cyou-domain-registration/”>.cyou domain from the house of ShortDot is ready for its Sunrise launch this June 2020 with Crazy Domains. .cyou’s Sunrise launch aims to give business owners the exclusive opportunity to register a unique domain extension 

What is .cyou? 

.cyou domain

.cyou, short for See You, is a new domain extension for creative individuals and innovative brands — the true digital natives of today. It’s for any individual or business that shares the ethical values of diversity, inclusivity, and independence. 

.cyou isn’t only for today’s generation of savvy movers and shakers who grew with the internet. It’s also well-suited for businesses that want to reinvent their online presence to reach newer, younger audience.  

From individuals who want to monetise their talents and passion, to those who want to establish themselves as influencers and thought leadersthe .cyou domain is perfect for them all.  

What makes .cyou unique? 

.cyou domain

The .cyou is a creative domain extension. Here’s what makes the .cyou domain unique and interesting. 

1) cyou domains are meaningful and memorable  

As a brand-new domain extension, .cyou offers a vast and fresh pool of domains that are not available anywhere else. This, along with the fact that .cyou adds a modern twist, makes it a memorable choice.    

2) .cyou is available for everyone  

The .cyou domain extension is agnostic of geography, industry, and language. There are no usage limitations or restrictions. This allows any individual or brand in any part of the world to use it regardless of their field of work.  

3) .cyou domains are smart 

The .cyou domain extension doubles up as a smart abbreviation to the phrase ‘See You’. This, along with the fact that .cyou is neither too specific nor too ambiguous, makes it quite a smart choice for business owners. domains are innovative 

Being part of the newest domain extensions, .cyou is a modern choice for businesses and brands. Getting a .cyou domain shows that your brand or website is innovative and with it. 

5) .cyou domains are brandable 

The smart and flexible nature of .cyou makes it a brandable choice for domain names. This makes it easy for businesses to reinvent their online presence or build a new one. 

6) .cyou domains offer scalability 

.cyou is categorically aimed towards Gen Z brands and individuals. It offers business owners the opportunity to tweak their online presence and appeal to younger audiences, scaling their reach. 

Interested to get a .cyou domain?

.cyou domain sunrise

Business owners can now register a .cyou domain at Crazy Domains starting June 23, 2020. .cyou is an open extension without any registration requirements. 

Why should business owners like you secure .cyou domain as soon as it’s released? 

1) It’s led by a reliable registry  

The  .cyou domain is owned and operated by ShortDot, the registry behind the success of .icu (the largest new domain extension by market share) and .bond (a premium domain for the finance industry) 

ShortDot has a legacy of making both its previous domain extensions vastly successful. Consistent with their commitment as a reputable domain registry, theyll be investing lavishly to build a strong brand around .cyou.   

2) It’s strategic and cost-friendly  

Registering a domain name early as is a strategic, cost-effective, and convenient moveChoosing to search for and acquire the domain later from either a second-hand market or through a dispute settlement will only be inconvenient and expensive for your business 

3) It eliminatepossibility of misuse  

Once .cyou is available to the general public, you run the risk of losing valuable ownership to third party buyers that may use it in distaste. This may tarnish the brand value of your business 

Get a .cyou domain today 

The .cyou domain makes for a cool and creative choice for today’s generation of brands and individuals. And given its unique characteristics, itdefinitely one to watch out for 

Business owners should make the most of .cyou’s Sunrise and register their business at Crazy Domains before it is made available to the general public. Get it today! 

Eshan Pancholi is a Senior Marketing Specialist at ShortDot.