It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and people are eager to show their affection by giving gifts or spending time with their loved ones.  

With this, consumers are expected to spend up to $26 billion on Valentine-related purchases.     

While most people buy chocolates and flowers, you can change things up by offering customers meaningful gifts that their loved ones can cherish for a long time.  

Don’t miss out on one of the biggest spending seasons of the year! Here are creative gift ideas you can sell to boost sales for your business this Valentine’s Day.  

5 Digital Gift Ideas for Your Small Business This Valentine’s Day    

Online Courses   

With more people going online each year, online learning classes have spiked in popularity. Some people might have loved ones who like learning or mastering a particular skill and would love to find online courses to gift them.   

You can call industry experts within your organisation or outsource to help you launch an online class subscription on your website. This way, your customers can help their special someone level up while you attract new potential clients and audiences.    

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E-vouchers for Relaxation and Recreation   

Some people have stressful and hectic schedules, and making plans to celebrate the holiday can feel more like an obligation than a treat. In this case, a fancy dinner just won’t cut it.  

If you’re a business offering fun activities or relaxation and recreation like spas, salons, travel and tours, etc., creating a discount coupon for your products and services is the best way. 

You can direct your messaging by telling customers to get the e-voucher and help their stressed-out Valentine enjoy a restful day.

Health and Wellness Online Subscription  

One of the best ways to show that we care for another person is by wanting them to stay healthy and fit.  

That’s why Valentine’s is also the best time to promote your health and wellness business, such as gyms, yoga, and fitness classes.   

If you haven’t created one, you can start by building a dedicated website to market your gym sessions and fitness classes online. From there, you can create special subscription plans for Valentine’s. For example, one customer can have a plus one for one subscription or you can offer couple classes.  

Help your customers express their love by living a happy, healthy life.  

Ebook Subscriptions   

There are never enough books to read for a true-blue bookworm. So, while giving someone a physical book is great, giving them an ebook subscription is even better. And this opportunity doesn’t limit to popular ebook subscription providers like Kindle and Scribd. 

You can also use it to promote your small business. Your home remodeling business, for example, you can bundle ebooks about home design tips and inspirations exclusive for Valentine’s Day. Then your messaging should highlight it as the best gift for a loved one who take home designing as a hobby or to someone who’s looking to upgrade their kitchen or dining area. 

Lastly, add a link to your website but don’t make it too salesy. 

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Graphic and Design Tools Subscription  

Showing support for your special someone’s hobbies and aspirations is another good way to show your love. That’s why a photo-editing or graphic design software subscription is a perfect gift for loved ones who are creatives.    

You may be a business that focuses on helping aspiring artists, creatives, and content creators improve their skills. It’s high time to create subscription-based services such as Adobe Creative Cloud, which you can offer as the perfect gift for all creative Valentine’s. 

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Show Your Affection by Supporting Your Loved Ones   

Now that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, elevate your marketing game by coming up with meaningful presents your customers can give their loved ones.  

Spread the spirit of love by helping people express their feelings to their significant others.  

Happy Valentine’s Day!  

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