Misinformation spreads like wildfire – and it’s not like a plumbing issue you can easily fix.

In fact, 57% of internet users worldwide regard false information as a major concern. With this, it’s more important than ever to be aware of what information we’re taking in – and where we source them.

This is what IdeaSpies stands for.

What is IdeaSpies?  

What is IdeaSpies

IdeaSpies is a one-stop resource for brands, influencers, and anyone looking for easy-to-read and credible information that matters to the public. The platform believes that the right ideas and stories can change the world for the better.  

IdeaSpies archives a wide range of topics, including agriculture, healthcare, tech, COVID-19, and more. You can easily find what you’re looking for via a keyword or category search. 

Every article is carefully fact-checked and reviewed by their in-house team. And over 5,000 ideas posted on the platform are explained in 100 words or less.

In the age of instant internet access, any form of inaccurate information can be dangerous as it blocks readers from accessing the truth – which IdeaSpies aims to resolve.

Meanwhile, you should also do your part by getting equipped with the right knowledge in identifying false information. Let’s find out how.  

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5 Things to Consider When Searching for Credible Sources Online

Check the article’s links 

Check the article’s links

One way to determine an article’s validity is its links. That includes its website URL and hyperlinks. Credible websites and articles link to reliable sources – with some even mentioning them. Always check if the links included aren’t broken, old, or even misplaced.

Use of statistics 

Use of statistics

Another way to know if an article is valid is if credible links or sources back it up. Because, unlike biased opinions, articles backed up by sources are more likely convincing if they contain updated facts, citations, statistics, and more. 

Do an author background check 

Do an author background check

Would you trust a plumber if your house is on fire? Probably not. So, it’s essential to do a background check of the author and check out other relevant articles they’ve written. Depending on the information, you must consider the author’s reputation and professional experience. Are they experts in that field? Or do they tend to exaggerate?

Always cross-check 

Always cross-check

What do other sources say about the story? Make sure the information you’re reading checks out with other reliable sources. Professional news sources like CNN and BBC have extensive guidelines before writing or publishing their stories.

Check the date

Depending on the circumstance, outdated information might not be valid and relevant. With that, try to avoid outdated resources as much as possible. You want to know what the latest information is, not the ones from 3 or 4 years ago. And if that’s the case, it’s best to look elsewhere.

Access simple, thought-provoking and credible ideas today!

In the age of unlimited internet access and social media platforms, it’s essential to be a part of something that promotes credibility and reliability. With just one click away from fact-checked resources, IdeaSpies aims to urge users to inspire action and move people in the right direction with relevant and trustworthy resources.

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