Artists of all kinds appreciate the appeal of the digital domain.

There was once a time that if you asked to see an artist’s portfolio you would be presented with a large, bulky folder, or else you would have to travel to see the work where it was exhibited.

As with so many things, the internet has changed all of that.

Back in the near Stone Age days of dial up modems and text rich websites it wasn’t practical to host your digital portfolio online, since you could go read a book in the time it took a page load, but the times are a-changing.

Or, rather, they have a-changed already: because now it could hardly be easier to show off your visual creations with your own website and online portfolio.

To make it that much simpler to stand out online, new web domains give you the opportunity to brand yourself more clearly than ever.

For photogs and snappers the world over there are new domains including .photo, .photography, .photos and .camera – whether you are snapping street art in the urban jungle, or capturing the couples for their happy wedding day.

For the masters of pen, paper or tattoo art there is .ink and if you want something a little more all purpose there is .pics, .pictures, and .graphics.

Finally, if you don’t create or just want a website that reflects the air and light for where you showcase art there is .gallery.

What new web domain would suit you best? Find yours here.