When we talk about spices, food, beautiful landscapes, and Yoga we think of India off the top of our heads. 

The love and appreciation for India’s rich culture have grown so much. Hence, we can’t deny that their influence has gone worldwide and a lot of us are adapting and enjoying it, especially when it comes to food! 

If you’re one of those people who are an avid fan of Indian culture and their community or simply starting your own business in India, well, we have good news for you – .IN ccTLD. 

.IN domain names can be registered by anybody, anywhere, but they usually represent an individual or an organisation based in India. Whether you’re a business or charity, a blog, or someone building a portfolio, the .IN domain can help you establish a more personal connection with people in India.  

.IN is now the official country code for India online, and if you’re looking for more reasons why you need a .IN domain for your business, keep reading. 


Optimised for local searches 

Search engines like Google and Yahoo are keen to provide a better search experience to users. By simply having a domain that is country-specific, you’re contributing to achieving search engines’ common goal – more personalised search results. So, whenever a user searches for India-related keywords, search engines will prioritise your site to be crawled and indexed compared to the ones that use .com TLDs.  


Builds credibility and trust 

People love authenticity. So, why don’t you have a little bit of that pride in your site?  

.IN domain lets you deliver content that is tailored to the Indian community. Whether you’re an enthusiast or offering a service to Indians, there’s no better domain to represent India than a .IN domain. It gives readers the impression that your site is serious about the Indian market, thus boosting credibility and earning trust at first sight when they visit your website. 


Outshines competitors 

A lot of site owners use .COM TLD as it’s more generic and popular. But nothing quite like having a domain that is intended specifically for your country – like .IN!   

People and search engines will look into ccTLDs like .IN domain first compared to a .COM site in searching for Indian-related content online. This gives you an edge in outranking competitors in this rapidly growing digital business landscape. IN domain targets the right audience, and is also a solid bet if you’re looking for a short domain that anyone will remember. 

Enjoy great deals and prices 

What’s greater than .IN domain to promote your brand? Affordable prices! Register today and enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Limited offer: 75 INR/1st yr. for all new registrations* 
  • Unlimited number of domains you can book with a .IN domain. 
  • Promo includes 2nd and 3rd level .IN domains. 
  • Anyone can register a .IN domain anywhere in the world. 


Pick the right domain for your business 

Having the right domain can make or break your website. A .IN domain presents a great opportunity for local and international companies that want to represent their business in India. Local domain names like .IN domain give your company a professional image and have a higher-ranking chance in search engines.  

Check your .IN domain availability and register today! 

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