by Christa Escudero

March 16, 2020

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4 Awesome Benefits Your Business Will Get From a .IN Domain

Vibrant festivals, the Taj Mahal, and Mahatma Gandhi. Those are some of the things that embody India’s rich heritage and culture. 

Looking to grow your business in India? Do it with a .IN domain. 

.IN is India’s official top-level domain, joining .ID for Indonesia and .SG for Singapore. 

While you may think a .COM or .NET domain is enough, a .IN domain gives you exclusive advantages. Read on to know more. 

Why should your business get a .IN domain? 

To strengthen your brand as a local business 

Customer loyalty

More and more Indians choose to buy from local brands.  

In 2015, 35 local businesses ruled the top 50 brands in the country. This trend has continued through 2019 – almost half of Indian consumers prefer to buy from domestic brands over foreign ones.  

Let everyone know you’re an Indian business with the .IN extension. 

This gives the impression that you are conveniently within reach. This also shows your audience that you share the same culture, building their trust and loyalty.  

To make your brand more memorable 

Shorter domains with .IN

The World Wide Web is loaded with so much information. With many things going on, it’s a challenge to capture – and retain – people’s attention. 

Therefore, your domain name should be short and easy to remember.  

Make it easy with .IN. 

Say you’re running a food blog in India under the domain name Why not make it into It’s short and concise. It's also easy for your readers to remember and type on their screens.  

To dominate local search results 

Local SEO

Did you know that 82% of mobile consumers use local search to look for something online? And did you know that 28% of local searches result in a purchase? 

If you want to get more customers – and we know you do – you need to be more visible in local search results. 

A .IN domain does that for you. 

When your website ends with .IN, search engines like Google mark you as India-based. This increases your chances to appear in Indian search results, get more website traffic, and earn more revenue. 

To easily get your desired domain name 

Better domain availability

Many people go for extensions like .COM and .NET when choosing a domain name. In fact, there were 10 million new registrations for those domains in late 2019! 

With that much demand, it may be difficult for you to snatch your desired domain name. 

It’s easier when you use .IN. There have only been over 2.1 million .IN domains since 2004, so you don’t have to face too much competition. 

Grow your business with .IN 

With a wider audience reach, higher website traffic, and a better brand reputation, there’s no better way to grow your business online than a .IN domain. 

Register your .IN domain today! 

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