Domain names are all listed in a Domain Name System or DNS system with their corresponding identifiers called IP addresses.  

You can look at it this way: Your domain name is your web address while DNS serves as the GPS that guides visitors to your website. You don’t have to go to the system every single time, of course. 

What is DNS hosting? 

When a visitor types in a domain name in their browsers, the DNS server for that particular domain pulls up its IP address and delivers it to the visitor. With the correct IP, visitors can now create a query to the web server, which will then hand over the website data. This is how your customers can access your business website.  

Web browsers automatically bring you to the site you’re trying to reach, that’s if your DNS hosting is working smoothly. 

Every domain name uses DNS because it controls how your visitors find your website and how you receive email. 

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Why is Premium DNS better? 

There are a number of ways a DNS server can fail, including power outages, hardware disruptions, and cyberattacks.  

Good thing many hosting providers integrate redundancies in their DNS services – just like Crazy Domains Premium DNS. This means your domain IP will be stored on multiple DNS servers across the globe. 

Premium DNS gives faster resolution times because queries will connect to the closest server. This means that when a visitor types in your domain in their browsers, they’ll be able to access your website in no time.   

On top of that, Premium DNS also allows you to have full control over your DNS records. It’s like hitting three birds with one powerful stone. 

Three Benefits of Premium DNS You Shouldn’t Miss 

Boost website speed 

On average, visitors are only willing to wait for three seconds before they leave your site and choose your competitors’. 

Premium DNS gives your site speed a boost. Since it runs on a global cloud network, it speeds through a ring of servers from all across the world, ensuring the highest availability and low latency delivery times and giving your customers the fastest website experience. 

Fortify your website 

Premium DNS provides peace of mind with its advanced levels of security and online performance. It ensures the integrity and authenticity of transmitted data. 

Premium DNS also has an advanced security setting called DDoS Protection. A distributed denial-of-service attack is a malicious attempt to targets your server resulting in fake traffic coming into your site. These prevent real users from entering your website due to a sudden traffic surge. 

DDoS Protection safeguards your website and ensures your domain name, web and email forwarding records remain up in the event of a DDoS threat. 

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Business apps integration

Premium DNS allows you to bring all your software together to integrate your other business/social apps into your website. Seamlessly post your content to all your software in just one click! 

Speed up your website today 

While standard DNS can pretty much do the job, Premium DNS is ideal, especially if you’re handling multiple high-traffic websites. Secure your website with the best DNS hosting so you can perform better, sell faster, and earn more.

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