There are many advantages of a new domain over the traditional options, but what are the benefits of choosing a new .science address over another? .Science is the new web address that connects your work with the worldwide scientific community. The perception of scientists as people in white coats and safety goggles isn’t necessarily accurate. Scientists come in many forms, from computer scientists to behavioural psychologists, from mad scientists to rocket scientists, and everyone in between.


If you are fed up with having a web address that is long and difficult to remember, you can get something that is more personal to your website content with .science. If you make your website catchier and easier to remember you will make your website more appealing to visitors, leading to more return traffic. Who doesn’t want more return traffic and loyal visitors?

Be taken seriously in business

In a list of search results, why would a potential client visit your site? By using a .science domain you are telling the world that your website is up to date, and that you are keeping up with latest technology. There are few industries where both of these things are as important as in the world of science.

Stand out in a crowd

On a crowded internet, it can be difficult sometimes to be seen. Whether you are publishing a scientific journal or sharing your latest research in science you need to stand out. By using a .science web domain you can be recognised with your most important keyword: science.

Unrestricted access

Not all domains are available to everyone. Some are limited by geography, some can be tightly controlled by their industry – but with a .science web address anyone with a connection or interest in science can be a part of the .science community.

A great price

Science is many things, but often it’s not very generously paid. For a limited time only, .science domains are $4.99 (AUD) – leaving you with more money to spend on your scientific pursuits.

As with all our domains, you can use your new .science domain with your existing address and our range of products to help you to further improve your online presence. Get in touch with one of our friendly support staff today.