by Ethan Lewis

October 20, 2020

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5 Benefits of Hiring a Reputable Web Design Agency for Your Biz

How do customers discover your business? 

In today's internet-driven world, the most common answer would probably be via online search. This means that the first thing customers see about your business is your website. 

Your website plays a pivotal role in attracting potential customers. But creating a website is not an easy task. It involves considerable research, planning and a keen understanding of your business goals and customer persona. 

That's why it’s crucial to hire the right people to bring your website idea to life. Here’s why you should choose a reputable agency to create your website: 

Why Hire a Trusted Web Design Agency (How to Choose the Right One) 

Create the right first impression 

Create the right first impression copy

Do you know that it only takes 50 milliseconds for visitors to form an opinion about your website? 

During such a short time, they decide whether they want to explore your website more or leave. So, make sure your content loads fast to quickly tell visitors who you are and deliver your value proposition. 

Above all, you should have a clear call-to-action or CTA, telling visitors what action you want to them take, whether to subscribe to your newsletter or buyour product or service. 

A trustworthy agency takes time to understand your brand and create a web design that aligns with your goals and speaks to your target audience. 


Improve your SEO 

Improve your SEO

Web design plays a crucial role in your SEO. It should be search engine and user-friendly, considering fast loading speed, proper use of header tags, etc. 

Aesthetics matter as well, such as having enough white space, an eye-pleasing colour scheme, relevant font size and style, etc. They are all important factors that drive traffic and conversion. So, they should motivate your visitors to stay longer oyour site and take a certain action.  

A reputable web design agency understands how the website design elements affect your ranking and create a site that will aid your SEO strategy.  

Meanwhile, an inexperienced designer may just design a website with no thought put into SEO, affecting your rankings negatively. 

Generate valuable leads 

Generate valuable leads copy

While your website is a great way for customers to understand your products and services, it should also generate leads. 

Want your website to generate valuable leads? Make sure to create clear and easy to find CTAs and update your website content regularly. The images, videos and blog posts must tap into the current trend in your industry.  

reliable web design agency will ensure that your content is always up to date, and that your website is designed to attract more visitors that go on to become your customers. 

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Create a responsive website 

Create a responsive website_

Gone are the days when people only open a website from their desktopsTodaymore than half of website visits come from mobile. Out of the ones who are visiting the website from their smartphones, 85% believe that the website should look equally good or better on the mobile phone. 

All this leads to the conclusion that your website must be responsive and should work across different devices. Some factors you must consider include the image loading speedwebsite layout on smaller screens, website loading speed on the phone, etc. 

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Stay ahead of the competition 

Stay ahead of the competition_

If a visitor doesn’t like your website, theyre likely to go to your competitor's website and procure goods and services from them. 

Customers often consider your website as your virtual office. A poorly designed and outdated website tells them that you do not value your customers and business enough to fix up your space. 

Website design from a professional agency is the best way to gain your visitor’s trust and prevent them from leaving. 

How to Identify A Reputable Web Design Agency? 

Differentiating trustworthy web designers from the scrupulous ones can be overwhelming. You can use the following checklist to choose the right one for your business website: 

  • Is the web design agency's own website attractive? 
  • Do they talk about SEO optimisation? 
  • Do they create responsive websites? 
  • Do they have experience in your industry? 
  • Are they willing to sign a contract that specifies all the deliverables and the cost of the project? 
  • Do they have a good customer support team, always on standby to help you? 

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Put your website in good hands 

The right web design agency will take time to get to know your business, understand your business goals, and create a website that speaks for your brand. 

Use the benefits and tips above when evaluating web design agencies and narrow them down to the one that fits your business best. 

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