Ibiza, Spanish Football, and Flamenco — these are just some of the things Spain is best known for.

If you’re thinking about growing your business in the country, do it with a .ES domain.

.ES is the country code top-level domain for Spain. It lets you establish a strong online presence in Europe’s fourth-largest country and effectively market to the large Spanish-speaking community worldwide.

Here are more reasons why you should register a .ES domain name for your local business.

4 Best Ways Your Small Business Can Benefit from a .ES Domain

Win local searches

Win local searches

Search engines like Google strive to provide the most relevant results to their users. With a .ES domain, you’re telling them where your business is located. As a result, your website appears on local searches whenever there’s an enquiry related to your product or service.

Using a .ES domain also signals search engines that your content is intended for the Spanish-speaking community bringing you closer to your target audience.

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Earn customer trust

Earn customer trust

One factor leading to customer mistrust is not having a credible website.

Seeing a domain extension related to Spain gives the impression that you’re serious about trading in the local market. This boosts your online credibility, earning your customers’ trust at first encounter.

Get a higher chance of registering your ideal domain name

Get a higher chance to get your ideal domain name

Most businesses register a .COM domain since it’s the most popular top-level domain. As of January 2022, 54 percent of all websites globally are using this domain extension. With this crowd, it can be difficult to register your ideal domain name.

For example, your ideal flores.com domain name for your flower shop business may already be taken. If this happens, you can always register the .ES equivalent.  It is shorter and easier to remember as you can go with flor.es or flores.es instead of floresspain.com. 

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It lets you stand out online

It lets you stand out online

The digital business landscape is rapidly growing. How do you rise above the competition?

Start by choosing a unique domain like .ES. It’s the best extension you can add to your web address as a business catering to Spanish speakers. It lets your target audience easily remember you and perceive you as a credible Spanish brand.

Grow your online presence with a .ES domain today!

There’s no better way to win the hearts of your Spanish audience than using a domain extension exclusive to the local market. Say “hola” to your .ES domain name and kickoff a credible online presence today!